Outsourcing has become increasingly popular over the last decade as companies grow and need efficiency to control their costs. But efficiency requires time, a detailed approach and employees who are constantly committed to it.

The business needs are being transferred to such specific areas that the supply of certain jobs is not always easily found on the national market. E&R Logistics Ltd. provides an opportunity for the founders and entrepreneurs to discover excellent talents in an international aspect. In this way we help them to develop or start companies, at significantly lower costs, as well as to improve the qualifications of their existing staff.

Simply put, it is also a practice to receive goods and services from a foreign supplier. It is most often used in industries where there is a shortage of labor for certain positions or where the cost of staff is too high. For example, software developers or designers.

Companies can outsource any position. However, today there are companies that use the service for minor roles. These are job positions whose function is to provide assistance to the company’s central infrastructure or to support day-to-day operations. E&R Logistics Ltd. offers the following (and not only) outsourcing activities:

● Production

● IT services

● Research and development (R&D)

● Distribution

● Call centres

● Administrative work

● Marketing activities

● HR activities

● Production and supply

● Customer service operations

● Development of mobile applications for iOS and Android platforms.

● Web development services using languages such as PHP

If you look closely, you will find that some of the listed processes could cost you a fortune if you hire people in your country and take all the necessary equipment. This problem can be solved by outsourcing certain business processes. Choosing E&R Logistics Ltd. as an outsourcing company to take care of these costly processes of yours will help you reduce your business expenses.